Code first, no Library_Intf file

I’m just playing around with code first first for the first time to see how it works.

Not a very auspicious start I’m afraid. Ran through the VCL Standalone wizard to create a basic server and client. Server compiles file but the client won’t as the …Library_Intf.pas file is missing.

The comment says it will be generated the first time the server is compiled but this isn’t the case, the file simply doesn’t exist.

Advice please?

Forgot to mention - using DA on Delphi 10.2.3 Enterprise


for generating _Intf for Code-First services you should launch your server.
later, in Delphi IDE, select .remoteRODL and generate _Intf from popup menu.

if .remoteRODL isn’t present by some reasons, you can “reconnect” to Remoting SDK Server as described at the Connecting to a Remoting SDK Server article.

Cool thanks, that works.

I’m looking at the HttpApi stuff now.

I’ve got the docs article explaining how to add this to a server which seems to work (only tried the most basic).

Where can I find documentation for the ROCustom attributes? There appear to be different HttpApiPath, HttpApiMethod & HttpApiResult names and different ways of specifying parameters, either in the HttpApiPath itself in curled braces or with another ROCustom attribute inside the method declaration.

Where is all this documented?


HttpApi attributes can be added via [ROCustom(x,y)] attribute.

simple example:

    {$IFDEF RO_RTTI_Support}
    [ROCustom('httpapipath', 'path')]
    [ROCustom('httpapimethod', 'GET')]
    [ROCustom('httpapiresult', '200')]
    [ROCustom('httpapitags', 'tags')]
    [ROCustom('httpapioperationid', 'operationID')]
    procedure NewMethod; virtual;

See more at