Code first server i.c.m. ASP.NET Handler.ashx


We have an ASP.NET website serving a REMObjects server (RODL based) using a Handler.ashx file with a SuperHttpWebProcessor (see attachment). We want to convert this server to a code first server. Can this be done. I do not know how to combine all the building blocks in the right manner to makes it work.

Thanks for any advice you can give.
Handler.ashx.cs (6.4 KB)


To be able to use CodeFirst services you need to properly initialize them. This code needs to be executed either on application startup or in the SuperHttpFactory constructor:

RemObjects.SDK.Server.Configuration.Load(rodlName, rodlNamespace);

This method builds RODL based on the services defined in the application and registers this RODL and services in the Remoting SDK infrastructure.


Thanks, it works now!

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