Code links broken in Water's build log

As of .2461 (also .2463) in Water I can no longer double-click on an Error item in the Build Log to jump to that line in the code. I assume this is a bug. If not, I’d really like to have this feature un-removed :slight_smile:

Do you have parallel builds turned on?

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Why yes I do… as of this morning :slight_smile:

Ok, thats as designed, then. Unfortunately that is one of the sacrifices I had to make due to how the parallel log gets resorted. (You’ll notice that the log messages don’t just append at the end like they do in a sequential build; as each project progresses, it’s log messages stay groups and the log expands on the middle. As a side effect, I cannot associate the visible error messages with the actual error information in this mode, as it all comes in out of sync).

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