CodeFirst and Client-Side interfaces - Generates only one interface file


(Smokoveck Florencio) #67

I can’t make this change. Please, can you help me?

(EvgenyK) #68

you can use this sample: (53.2 KB)

it may work with local RODL or can process RODL from http://localhost:8099/rodl or http://localhost:8099/rodl?servicegroup=XXXX

(Smokoveck Florencio) #69


I’m getting this error when trying (ROWinInetHTTPChannel1 as IROMetadataReader).RetrieveRODL(rodl);

Exception class EROException with message ‘Cannot load XML document.
Reason: Caractere inválido encontrado no texto.
Line: 1
Position: 6’.

(EvgenyK) #70


what URL is set in ROWinInetHTTPChannel? http://localhost:8099/rodl?servicegroup=XXXX ?

(marc hoffman) #71

This sounds like you’re not getting back a valid XML file from whatever URL you’re using?

(Smokoveck Florencio) #72


(EvgenyK) #73

if you open this link in browser - RODL will be shown correctly?
Do you use my from this post?

(Smokoveck Florencio) #74

Yes, in the browser it shows correctly

Yes, I’m using a sample project.

(EvgenyK) #75

can you set breakpoint in TROTransportChannel.RetrieveRODL (uROTransportChannel.pas) at XmltoRodl := TXMLToRODL.Create(nil); line and evaluate content of resp in debugger?
this is Binary so you can see content with something like PAnsiChar(Binary(resp).Memory)

(Smokoveck Florencio) #76

the result of PAnsiChar(Binary(resp).Memory) is ‘RO107’

(EvgenyK) #77

weird, this is signature of TROBinMessage

Edit. can you launch your server in debug mode and set breakpoint at MainProcessMessage method (uROServer.pas) at case aRequestStream.Size of line? at requesting RODL in rocg4_helper it should select MetadataRequestIDLength case

(marc hoffman) #78

Is ServeRodl turned off, maybe?