Com Interop error when building as .NET 4.8 Library

I am building a .NET 4.8 Library with COM functionality (so that I can utilize the library in a c++ application). However I get the following two errors when building my library:

  • The assembly ‘RemObjects.SDK, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=<token here>’ is not registered for COM Interop. Please register it with regasm.exe /tlb.
  • Type library exporter encountered an error while processing ‘<my namespace>.SessionInfo_Activator, <my class>’. Error: Error loading type library/DLL.

Any help in resolving these two errors would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Have you tried doing this?

If yes and it didn’t;'t help, I’ll have to leave this for mt colleague to look at tomorrow…

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Easiest solutions are the ones that the compiler tells you to try. That seemed to get me passed the initial hurdle. Thanks. I may have more questions down the line.

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Glad I (and the compiler) could help ;).

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Could you send your project to support@ ? It will be kept private. If needed you can also wipe out all business logic by replacing it with some placeholder - I need only to take a look at the solution structure to reproduce the compiler error locally.

Thanks in advance