Comment on the new home page as of Aug 26, 2020

RemObjects recently updated their homepage, and I found it …not as clean and cool as before… OK that is my euphemistic expression for messy/ugly.

I visited RemObjects website almost on a daily basis, and personally found this change… negatively mind boggling…

Dear RemObjects, what happened to your once unmatched taste of developer aesthetics?

In contrary, I have to say, I like it.

I’m sorry to hear that. We’ll continue to work on improving the site as we go. Do you have any specific feedback as to what you find messy? The goal was — rather than the randomized product hero banners — to have a consistent entry point into all four product lines right from the home…

I think the feeling of “messy” probably comes from the color of the background image (black-ish), and the 4 “sub-zones” each representing one product. I guess the background colors of the 4 sub-zones do not blend (or match? marry?) well with the master background color.

This is just my personally feeling - purely subjective.

I think it’s quite good.

Much much better than most “modern” websites where you’re forced to vertical scroll like crazy, just to find some information hidden behind the massive non-informational commercial bla-bla-bla :wink:

There’s room for improvement though. The more information is directly visible without having to scroll the better. I see some space on the left and right for that …

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I did some (subtle) tweaking iff the transparency, hopefully that alleviates that part.