Compile error while editor gives no error

See the following code:

As you can see, the compiler does not recognize “Stream”.
But in the editor, stream is blue (a valid class) and when I put my mouse over it, it sees that it is System.Io.Stream.
A strange combination; the editor is in this case smarter than the compiler :smile:

I think an auto-correct (it should have been System.IO.Stream, because there is no uses for system IO in the file) would be nice in a situation like this.

It does actually offer a suggestion there, and yes the IDE will treat it as the most likely type, the compiler fails because it’s the default, there’s a compiler option “Ignore fixable errors” that will make it succeed here.

Where is that setting - I can not find it.

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They are all on.
And there is no “ignore fixable errors”

Treat fixable errors as warnings is what I meant. Top of Patrick’s post

That one was already on - keeps giving the errors.
It gives a hint in the error message, but it is not treated as a fixable error.

Can we get a full testcase then?

Here it is. (132.6 KB)

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Thanks, logged as bugs://82842

bugs://82842 got closed with status fixed.

I just installed the latest version, and the problem is still the same.
There are 2 possible solutions:

  1. Show the error in the editor
  2. Compile without errors

If I look at the code I send you, it should be 1; I have no uses in the file, so the editor should not resolve Stream - it should have been System.Io.Stream.

It looks like this on is resolved, so it can be closed.

Looks like it never got reopened :wink: