Compiler error: undefined symbol while trying to access Delphi 7 (externel) field

MaxDelphi7 2.bugreport.txt (6.9 KB)
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Logged as bugs://E26908.

Hi Andreas,
turns out that GlobalMalloc is declared in implementation part of Delphi 7 ADODB.pas:


uses DBCommon, Mtx, DBConsts, ComObj, ADOConst;

  PRecInfo = ^TRecInfo;
  TRecInfo = packed record
    Bookmark: OleVariant;
    BookmarkFlag: TBookmarkFlag;
    RecordStatus: Integer;
    RecordNumber: Integer;

  { Connection Flags }
  cfOpen       = 1;
  cfExecute    = 2;
  cfIndex      = 3;
  cfParameters = 4;
  cfProvider   = 5;

  bfNA = TBookmarkFlag(Ord(High(TBookmarkFlag)) + 1);
  RSOnlyCommandTypes = [cmdTableDirect, cmdFile]; { Command Types valid only in RecordSet.Open calls }

  GlobalMalloc: IMalloc;

So we can’t use since it is private. The importer has been fixed to prevent this issue, a new .dcp import is required.

Good catch this one :wink:

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bugs://E26908 was closed as fixed.