Compiler exception with Delphi Win64 when recompiling packages

(dressel) #1

I needed to recompile the packages for Win64 (see bug #79373) and get the following exception from RemObjects_Server_Indy_D23 and RemObjects_Indy_D23:

…: E2202 Required package ‘designide’ not found

The code is in the package unit:


I remmed out the unit, and it works but I am not sure if that is the proper fix.

Ed Dressel

(EvgenyK) #2

another possible solution is pass RemObjects_NO_DEMANDLOAD_FIX to compiler at compiling these packages.

(dressel) #3

I am not sure what that means, “pass RemObjects_NO_DEMAND_FIX”. Define it?

(EvgenyK) #4

yep. for cmd line compiler, it is -D<syms> = Define conditionals key:

dcc64 RemObjects_Server_Indy_D23.dpk -DRemObjects_NO_DEMANDLOAD_FIX 

(dressel) #5

I was compiling in the IDE, and it doesn’t compile “out of the box”.

I have it working. thanks.

(RemObjects) #6

Thanks, logged as bugs://80060

(RemObjects) #7

bugs://80060 got closed with status fixed.