Compiler internal error when trying to build Delphi 7 (bpl) solution

SampleD7_32 1.bugreport.txt (4.4 KB)
SampleD7_32 (1.1 MB)

With freshly imported Delphi 7 SDK and support files the compiler has this NRE.

reproduced, thanx! Does this show only with D7, or also kore recent Delphi versions? I’m asking because I see no code in this that we haven’t tested extensively (but not so much with D7 ;).

Logged as bugs://E26817.

I’ve tested this with D11 64 bit and it’s working. But, again, not in 32 bit.

Sample 1.bugreport.txt (2.9 KB)
Sample (7.1 MB)
Stacktrace.txt (715 Bytes)

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Same IE as D7, when building for D11/32bit?

No, “normal” Exception (AccessViolation) in rtl280.bpl.

ah ok. that’s with latest, .2883? iirc we fixed an i386 specific runtime issue a week or two back

Yes, 2883

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I’m still not able to build any Delphi 32 bit project with 2885 :frowning:

Yes, this issue was not fixed yet

bugs://E26817 was closed as fixed.

Build ist now Ok with .2891 :slight_smile: but gives this odd result:

that’s between you and the VCL… :joy:

I’m a Delphi 7 fan…

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Anything odd in the dfm? ive n ot seen this behavior in our tests…