Concatenation of class strings in Oxygene -> java

I came across with very strange errors occurring in Oxygene for java, attempting to concatenate strings that originate from class variables and properties. Please check: (100.7 KB)

Elements 2595, VS 2019

Update: Errors occur using the default java console project template. After the CopyLocal property of cooper and elements is set to true, the test program works ok. Thus, it looks like a problem of references configuration, in the project template and/or in my project setup.

This makes sense, if elements.jar is missing from deployment.

how/where did you create this project though? When I create a new Java Console app from template and (in Fire or Water) choose to “use Elements RTL” (which is what adds the elements.jar ref(), it is set to Copy Local for me automatically: Cooper.jar (which is always added) is also set to Copy Local automatically, for me (and is in your testcase too, FWIW, only elements.jar isn’t, for some reason)…

VS 2019: File/New/Project… Then scrolling all down to Console Application (Java).

Hmm. let me see. that should not add Elements.jar at all (in VS). checking…

Update: indeed it does not; the default Oxygene Console Application for Java template only has

    <Reference Include="rt.jar" />
    <Reference Include="cooper.jar">