Conditional try fails, NuGet issues, can't add Silver code file

My apologies for cramming three issues into one report but they all relate to the same project.

Under some circumstances, the code below produces The generic type System.Nullable`1’ was used with an invalid instantiation in assembly 'mscorlib runtime error. Using VS2017 and Silver .2399.

class Test {
    func testMethod() throws {
        //  Do something

func thisMethodFails() {
    let t = Test()
    try? t.testMethod()

Test project that fails with the error above sent to Support email.

Two more issues with the project:

  1. It’s not possible to add NuGet packages to NetStandard library via UI (Manage NuGet Packages). Packages can be added manually by editing the .elements file and the project compiles fine after that. However, if you use the UI, everything appears to go smoothly until the very end when installation is always rolled back.

  2. It’s not possible to add a Swift code file to the project, it always opens with Iodine settings and Silver only has Data Abstract and Remoting SDK items, no Code or General.

replied to your support@ mail with bugids.