'Connect To Remoting ROSDK Server' disabled in VS2019

I’m using Elements version 2523, VS 2019 Community. I went to try and attach to an existing ROSDK server like i’ve done many times and the menu option is disabled. What am I doing wrong?



Can you try with .2525? Also, which version fo RO/DA do you have installed, .1481?

I currently have 1479 installed. I can update both if you think that will solve this issue?


Before you upgrade could you run a very simple check? Just create a simple new app using VS C# and check if this menu item is available there. This will help to narrow down what exactly causes this issue.

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Sorry, Anton. I upgraded both Elements and DA to the latest prior to getting your reply. The menu option now shows up in VS 2019. Unfortunately I was silly and did both upgrades prior to checking if the menu option was there…so I can’t tell you which update did it. apologies.


No worries; as long as all is good with latest, that’s what matters, IMHO :wink: