Connecting to a Remoting SDK Server for Java

(Thomas) #1

Hi everyone,

Currently we have an xcode (obj-c) application that interacts with a pairing service on an windows server.
this works fine, but now the question is how to make that possible with android (java) in Android Studio.
Is there any kind of example available?
On the page there is an strike-out on the Java part…

What we finally want to archieve is an pairing system with a 4 digit code like the one with xcode.
alternatives are welcome btw.


(marc hoffman) #2

What you’ll want to do is follow steps similar to those explained at, to generate the interface file for Java. you can do this in ROServiceImporter (Mac) or in ServiceBuilder (Windows). You can then use the file in your Android Studio project.

Unrelated, you could also consider using Elements (in Fire or VS) for the Android project, as described under ;).