Connecting to existing ROSDK server in VS/Oxygene. Has something changed?

I have an ROSDK service that is written in Delphi. I recently had to make some structural changes to some objects, and I rebuilt and deployed the server without issue.

I have a few Oxygene/.NET projects that use this service, so I went into the first one, removed the old remoteRODL and .intf files in the project, and went to the RO menu to connect to remoting SDK service. I found the local rodl, selected it, and VS added a remoteRODL to the project but did not add a new .intf file.

why would this be? How do I get VS to generate the .intf file?



Before we start to look for real issues, could you double-check that you actually deleted the .remoteRodl and _Intf files form the project folder?

Code Generator do not regenerate code files if they are present in the project folder but are not added to the VS project.

Thank you! That was the issue.

much appreciated