Connecting to legacy Delphi server with .NET client


(Tim Fields) #1

I’ve been tasked with writing a client that is targeting a legacy server written with the Delphi SDK. I would prefer to write the new client in C#, but haven’t found anything similar to TROCustomEncryption, which the server is using, in the .NET libraries. Does something like this exist? If not, is it possible to handle this with the C# libraries another way?

(EvgenyK) #2

Legacy encryption was supported only for Delphi and now it was deprecated because it wasn’t cross-platform compatible
I can recommend to replace it with message envelopes and use AES Encryption Envelope instead of it.

(Tim Fields) #3

Thanks for the response EvgenyK. Unfortunately, I’m unable to change the legacy server at this point as it is something we’ve inherited without source code, hopefully a rewrite is coming soon in .NET, but until then are we able to access old versions of the Delphi SDK to write a client that is compatible with the legacy server?

(EvgenyK) #4

we still ship legacy code so you can write delphi client using the latest RO SDK and it will be compatible with old delphi server