Contract Programmer looking for projects

(Alan Olson) #1

Hi All -

I’ve been an independent contractor who landed the perfect contract. I’ve been working exclusively, remotely, and essentially full time, with a company now for 18 years. I started off as a Delphi programmer, and wrote many Windows desktop apps for them. I eventually migrated these apps to multi-tier using ROSDK/Delphi. About 5 years ago I started working with Oxygene/Elements seriously and have migrated/rewrote many of these apps for .NET. I also have moved from ROSDK to Data Abstract for some of my web services, so I truly am a RemObjects programmer.

I’ve recently been informed that starting in 2019 my hours are going to be cut back for financial reasons. I’m not leaving this job, but this opens up some time to take on a new project.

I’m looking for a job where I can devote maybe 5-10 hours a week on. If its a long-term gig, that is great. If its short term, I’m not complaining either. The job must allow me to work remotely.

if you wish to contact me personally, here is my email address.

Thank you very much,