Control over rodl2code output file name

We have a batch file to create delphi sources from a RODL file (.NET server)

It is not clear how rodl2code shoud be used correctly

To create --type:intf it seems we just use the RODLFILENAME as is (in our case OffNetServer.RODL)
which will create OffNetServer_Intf.pas with as first line ‘unit OffNetServer_Intf’
=> this is OK

When creating --type:serveraccess then files OffNetServer_ServerAccess.pas/dfm are created but first line is ‘unit OffNetServerLibrary_ServerAccess’
=> this is not OK

The --out parameter does not seem to work

When I change the RODL filename the problem is reverse.
It is simple to solve this manually but I wanted to report this or learn what the correct way is to work.

“%RemObjectsTop%\RemObjects SDK (Common)\Bin”\rodl2code %RODLFILENAME% --type:intf --platform:delphi --language:delphi --outpath:. --out:OffNetServer_Intf.pas
if %ERRORLEVEL% NEQ 0 goto fout

“%RemObjectsTop%\RemObjects SDK (Common)\Bin”\rodl2code %RODLFILENAME% --type:serveraccess --platform:delphi --language:delphi --outpath:. --out:OffNetServerLibrary_ServerAccess.pas


rodl2code hasn’t --out parameter

looks like you mean --outfilename parameter:

  --outfilename:<name> (optional base filename for generated files, w/o extension)

OK thanks,

With --outfilename I can do what I want.
Without that parameter the tool potentially still generates source files which do not compile