Convert Winform Desktop app to offline with Reporting


I am converting my current Desktop Winform app so it can work offline with DA and Relativity. I wanted to use use briefcase for the local table storage but how can I use my existing crystal reports to work with Briefcase? I currently use sql express with sql replication/sync. I remember reading several years ago that Briefcase may have a sqllite version. Does it now have that version as I know I can get to to work with ODBC? If crystal can’t work then what do you recommend for reporting with the local briefcase technology?




Unfortunately I have no experience with Crystal Reports. however according to this video it is possible to use a .NET DataSet as a Crystal Reports data source:

Considering that Data Abstract can load data (either remotely or from a Briefcase) into a .NET DataSet it should be possible to accomplish what you need.


Hi Anton,

This workaround works as I can just make Datasets and then bind them to Crystal Reports.

Thanks for the help,