Converting datetime to string

I’m trying to get a files creation date as a string and I’m stumped, I can find how to convert a datetime in string format to a actual datetime variable but not the other way around. I’m using the following to get the creation date

let t_date = RemObjects.Elements.RTL.File(full_filename).DateCreated


let formatter1 = RemObjects.Elements.RTL.DateFormatter()

but can’t work out how to get t_date into a string in the format shown above. What should I be doing?

I think it should be t_date.ToString(formatter1.Format(“DD-MM-YYYY”))

If your using Island it doesnt look complete

you just get the default format


Thanks, logged as bugs://85358

I assume this is full/pure Island, not ToffeeV2?

Problem is that these

    //method ToString(aTimeZone: TimeZone): String;
    //method ToString(Format: String; aTimeZone: TimeZone := nil): String;
    //method ToString(Format: String; Culture: String; aTimeZone: TimeZone := nil): String;

    //method ToShortDateString(aTimeZone: TimeZone := nil): String;
    //method ToShortTimeString(aTimeZone: TimeZone := nil): String;

in Island RTL aren’t implemented yet…