Could I use RemObjects in Delphi compile for Linux?

Could I use RemObjects in Delphi compile for Linux?
I’m trying but not compiling.

Definitely, yes. What problems/errors are you seeing?

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The uROEvent unit, in the create method, calls the “sem_init” method but it is not present in any of the uses of unit.

I tried to change the uROEvent and add the includes for and but then I came across the error of not having a variable called “libc” with the name of the DLL used in the “sem_close” function.

Hmm, curious. I’ll have to loop my colleague in, here, who’s more familiar with RO/Delphi.

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can you specify what version of Remoting SDK you are using?

as I can see, in Delphi we have this alias:

  TROEvent = TEvent;

all other code in this unit is designed for FPC/non-Windows platform.

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When I saw the DELPHI_or_MSWINDOWS directive I thought it was for compiling packages for installation in Delphi and for generation from Delphi. I will test and tell you what happened.
Thank you very much

Now I stoped in, where I don’t have the libc.
Could you provide the conditional defines list or a example project?


try to compile RO packages under Linux.

you should be able to compile

  • RemObjects_Core_D27.dpk
  • RemObjects_DataSnap_D27.dpk
  • RemObjects_Indy_D27.dpk
  • RemObjects_Server_D27.dpk
  • RemObjects_Server_DataSnap_D27.dpk
  • RemObjects_Server_Indy_D27.dpk
  • RemObjects_WebBroker_D27.dpk

is it correct?

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Delphi does not allow generating versions in Linux for the RemObjects_DataSnap_D27 and RemObjects_Server_DataSnap_D27 packages

Looks like you have other version of Delphi, because my version of Delphi 10.4.1 allows to compile RemObjects_DataSnap_D27 and RemObjects_Server_DataSnap_D27 packages:

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For sure! I use this every day