Could not determine appropriate architecture when trying to debug


I created a new linux console app and tried to debug it from Fire. I added a new crossbox2 server and when I run from Fire I see

“Could not determine appropriate architecture.”

In the debug console.


Can i see the complete debug and build log? What architecture(s) are set for the project, and what architecture is the Linux machine you are connecting to?

Update FTR, i tried here and cannot reproduce the issue; it runs fine. So it’s not a general regression.

The build log doesnt seem to contain anything. Its just the debug window that contains that message.

Im trying to debug on raspberry pi v4 which I think is arm64 ?

Where is the debug log ?

The debug console,

Hm ok. i tested against a x86_64 Linux, as i don’t have an arm one handy. Does your CrossBoxServers.xml file contain the architecture of your server? is arm64 enabled for the project?

the architecture in crossboxservers.xml is armv7l and I have aarch64 in the architecture project settings.

I found another thread of mine and the xml file is the same.

Sorry I think I misunderstood the message. If i build for both armv6 and aarch64 then I get

~> The process failed to start with the following error: gdbserver is not installed on the remote server! Please install it with the appropriate package manager like “apt-get install gdbserver”

If I install that I get

The process failed to start with the following error: gdbserver did not return a port in a reasonable amount of time

Would it be possible to log where the exe is being deployed on the remote server ?

I recall asking this before but couldnt remember what your answer was. Something like

deployed to~/.ebuild/<Your client PC name>/<ProjectName>-<ProjectNameHash>/...

I worked it out.

If you have two architectures selected then I cant run the console app on the pi. It says Exec Format error.

If you selected just 1 architecture them it works.

See; fixed the error message. problem was when none of there active architectures in the project were supported by the target machine.

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