Could not load file or assembly or one of it's dependencies: RemObjects.SDK


At moment, we`re facing a problem while trying to install RemObject SDK in a specific environment.

Aparently it`s everything ok, Delphi and .Net is working fine.

But when accessed Service Builder “Code Gen → Oxygene for .Net → Interface” is returning this error:

Erro SDK

We’ve already reinstalled these packages as administrator, but the error persists.

O.S: Windows 10
DA Delphi: RemObjects Data Abstract for Delphi, Server Edition -
DA .NET: RemObjects Data Abstract for Water and Visual Studio, Server Edition -
Water: RemObjects Elements with Water -
.Net Framework: .Net 4.8 > already installed

Is there something we could do?

Thank you.

Can you see if Remoting.SDK.dll exists either in the Bin folder that contains ServiceBuilder .exe, or in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC)?


It`s located at: Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\RemObjects SDK for .NET\Bin

There is a copy of Remoting.SDK.dll, at the Bin directory of the Project, but not at same directory of the ServiceBuilder.

How can I check about GAC, when it`s external to Visual Studio?

Thank you!

Is it the right version

there’s a folder such as C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Assembly, depending on air version of OS and .NET.


Yes, it`s the right version.

If i can`t find it at GAC, what should I do to put it on?

I couldn`t find this specific Dll even in my environment, that works fine.

Windows 10.



Please put the RemObjects.SDK.dll next to your Service Builder exe file in the folder ...\RemObjects Software\RemObjects SDK (Common)\Bin

This should resolve the issue

Sorry for the inconvenience


I’ve put, but it didn’t work.

I’m looking for something related to .Net Framework, but, still no luck.

Thank you

Could you upload all RemObjects.* dlls from the folder ...\RemObjects Software\RemObjects SDK (Common)\Bin to support@ ?