Could not resolve reference 'Realm (Import)' for target 'Toffee-iOS' (Simulator)

I added the project reference myself to the element file and Im now getting the errors below. The import project is using a xcframework

E: Could not resolve reference ‘Realm (Import)’ for target ‘Toffee-iOS’ (Simulator).


The detailed log file usually shows you a lot of information that should help you diagnose this on your own…

The problem seems to be the Fire tells the main project to build for Simulator, but the dependent project only builds for Device. I’ll have to see how to best solve this.

Workaround: do rebuild, then disable the import project; it should then have been built for both/all three build destinations.

Another odd thing I’ll investigate is why it emits tis error twice.

Fixed & fixed.

another problem: the BinaryName in the import project is wrong/not set, it should be “Realm”, but defaults to “Real (Import)”. I’ve also fixed Fire to set that properly when dragging in and creating the project, but you’ll need to manually set it for your existing one.

20210218-133551-elements-develop will have the EBuild-side fixes.

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Thanks, thats fixed.

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