Couple more HttpApi related questions

Yep, me again :slight_smile:

Making much more progress now but have two quick questions.

Firstly, how can I obtain the source IP address of an incoming HttpApi/REST method call? I need this for logging purposes.

Secondly, I need to expose some of my APIs on different ports.
Whilst some APIs are ‘public’ and need to be accessible by anyone, I also have ‘private’ APIs which should only be accessible by our own company, for management purposes etc. I want to put these two groups on separate ports so I can firewall the latter. How can this be done?

To clarify the second question a bit…

Obviously I can create two server channel components on different ports, each with their own message components and HttpApiDispatcher components.

What I don’t understand is how I can restrict access to individual methods to one server or the other.


Check Receiving information about client on server-side post.

Try to use the Service Group feature (Delphi only) . This feature works on service level only, i.e. you can restrict access to methods of specific service.

Ok thanks I’ll take a look a bit later