CPU Architecture management in references

I m trying to compile Sugar.Nougat.iOS.Tests for iPhoe 5s real device and recieved series of errors:

Error	6	(NE1) No matching CPU architecture "arm64" in reference "..\Sugar.TestFramework\bin\iOS Simulator\libSugarTestFramework.fx"		0	0	Sugar.Nougat.iOS.Test

Defenitely true: iOS simulator is even not arm at all!

Is there any way to specify reference to library (.fx actually) and automatically manage architecture to match current project’s target?

Can you please try to change project references in the Sugar.Nougat.iOS.Tests project, right now they points directly to a *.fx files. Can you remove them, add Sugar.Nougat.iOS.TestFramework project into your solution and reference this project directly from Sugar.Nougat.iOS.Tests.

Yes. Project reference works, but can not finish due to reported bug : Compiling iOS Tests for device - strange linker error

Good to hear that i works. In fact we’ll need to review those references to make it work out of the box.