Create application with UI

I have some doubts:

  1. Is it possible to create a visual swift application (code + ui) inside water ?
  2. There a way to create visual swift applications that run on all supported platforms (mainly Windows and Mac) without need changes in code ?
  3. Does Water have an internal design editor for edit / create UIs with its our components ?

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Short answers: (1) Yes. (2) depends on you’re definition of “needing changes” and (3) No, Elements uses the native designers for the respective platforms, in Visual Studio, Xcode and Android Studio.

Check out

for some getting-started topics

Thanks for answer.

But to clarify my second question, I was thinking if Elements has its own visual components that can be used to create applications for all platforms (like for example Avalonia do).

By the end, like Water uses Visual Studio design, how Visual Studio will handle with Elements components if they are not supposed to stay installed there, but only inside Water?

it does not, currently, no. The goal of Elements really is to provide our programming languages for the platforms, and focus on developers writing against the native APIs on those platforms.

I’m not sure I understand this question? You can open your project in VS to edit the GUI parts, and (optionally) use Water or VS for your regular development (ie writing code, debugging, etc).