Create framework bundle


I have this turned on and created a framework file. I then attempted to drag this into an xcode ios project. Is build phases , link binary with libraries the correct place ?

If I build the ios project is says “framework not found DynamicLibrary”.


It should, yeah.

Does the framework look correct, structure wise?

Not really. The bottom one is xcode

can i see your testcase project? thanx.

Aside from the Info.plist, they look the same/good? (1.2 MB) (19.5 KB)

No idea what the issue is. I made some changes to generate the missing Info.plist, and even the ModuleMap. I’ve also made it flat, for iOS — but clang still says it cant find the framework. :(.

Oh duh. that was never the issue.

You need to set the “Framework Search Path” project setting.

In a new app, I need to add a package reference to Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.EntityFramework:* too get these. maybe somehow this gets lost in conversion… I’d have to see the vbproj to see why, but adding it back might do the trick.