Create pgdac connection to postgresql

when I try to create a connection to PostgreSQL with PgDAC, I get the error “unknown auth method”. Can anyone help me?
The connection string is something like this “PgDAC?Port=5000;SSLOptions.Mode=smDisable;Server=;Database=test;UserID=user1;Password=pass1;”

thank you


Can you connect to PostgreSQL server using native PgDAC components w/o DataAbstract with the same parameters?
What version of PgDAC are you using?

We are using a bit outdated version of PgDAC (v6.4.3). it can be a reason for this issue.

You can try to recompile PgDAC driver manually with your version of PgDAC:

  • build ..\Data Abstract for Delphi\Source\Drivers\DAPGDACDrv.dpr
  • put file into ..\Data Abstract (Common)\Bin folder