Create WinForms project using template

(Thom Halvorsen) #1

Using Water

I choose the Windows Application (WinForms) template which creates the project and files.

I open VS 2017 and click File -> Open -> Project/Solution and select the WinTest.sln file

I get a dialog in VS telling me that VS in unable to open the following projects …\WinTest\WinTest.elements.

I also get a Migration report with an error

Inside VS on the Solution Explorer I see the a message telling me that this project is incompatible with the current edition of Visual Studio

If I choose File -> Open and select the WinTest.elements file directly I get error: "The selected file cannot be opened as a solution or project. Please select a solution file or a project file.

What are the proper steps to take to work in VS to create the UI?

// Thom

(marc hoffman) #2


This sounds to me as if the integration of Elements with Visual Studio is broken somehow, and VS does not know about Elements. Does Elements show listed in there Tools|About dialog? Can you try re-running the Elements installer (and check if VS2017 is showing as option, and checked)?


(Thom Halvorsen) #3

Hi Marc,

Yes, a re-install fixed it.

// Thom

(marc hoffman) #4

glad to hear!