Create WinForms project using template

Using Water

I choose the Windows Application (WinForms) template which creates the project and files.

I open VS 2017 and click File -> Open -> Project/Solution and select the WinTest.sln file

I get a dialog in VS telling me that VS in unable to open the following projects …\WinTest\WinTest.elements.

I also get a Migration report with an error

Inside VS on the Solution Explorer I see the a message telling me that this project is incompatible with the current edition of Visual Studio

If I choose File -> Open and select the WinTest.elements file directly I get error: "The selected file cannot be opened as a solution or project. Please select a solution file or a project file.

What are the proper steps to take to work in VS to create the UI?

// Thom


This sounds to me as if the integration of Elements with Visual Studio is broken somehow, and VS does not know about Elements. Does Elements show listed in there Tools|About dialog? Can you try re-running the Elements installer (and check if VS2017 is showing as option, and checked)?


Hi Marc,

Yes, a re-install fixed it.

// Thom

glad to hear!