Creating class library targeting .NET 7

Hello! I’m trying to create a class library project targeting .NET (5+) in Oxygence in Visual Studio 2022. There are templates for .NET classic, .NET standard and Portable. There’s no template for .NET (5+). The .NET standard class library lacks some API that available only on .NET 5+. Do you have plan to support .NET 5+ class library? Thank you!

Hi, in project options you can change the .net target version:

does that help to you?

That’s the suggested way, yes. Unless necessary, I’d recommend creating libraries for .NET Standard (because this way they are usable by classic and .NET Core), and that’s why we don’t have a dedicated template for .NET Core libraries. But if you explicitly need to target .NET Core, just change the TargetFramework.

Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I’ve tried changing the target platform. And it works.

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