Cross-platform random number generator?

(Marko Bohanec) #1

I am trying to figure out how to generate random numbers in a cross-platform setting, that is, using Elements RTL. While I can find the Random class in both Sugar and Island RTL, it seems there is nothing similar in Elements RTL. Am I missing something? Do you intend to include Random in Elements RTL? What would be the preferred way of cross-platform generation of random numbers?

(marc hoffman) #2

We intend to have Elements RTL a full superset of Sugar, eventually. I’ll see if i can move/poret Random over quickly. short term workaround might be tom just refreeze Sugar and use Random from there (you can still use Elements RTL for the rest)

(marc hoffman) #3

Done. Latest Elements.RTL in git has Random, as will tomorrow’s gamma build.

(Marko Bohanec) #4

Thank you very much. I tested the new Random and it works well.