Crossorigin on delphi 11


I migrate a project to delphi 11 and RO which allow cross origin calling. It is working on old delphi version. Now in delphi11, it fail with not allowing cross origin.

I use TROIndyHTTPServer and
set sendcrossheader := true
and ROHttpApiSimpleAuthenticationManager
set corscompatible := true

it is working on previous version delphi 10.4.1 and 10.3.3 ( RO

However it is not working on delphi 11 with latest ro only.

I checked the header in browser on reply which is diifferent:
Failure case:

success case on old version:

Please advise


this is known issue that was fixed in .1533

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Thanks, My Mistake, I already searched the forum before post , May be I overlook.

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