CurrentDirectory of test project changed when running unit tests in elements 10


(Gert Hermans) #1 (487.7 KB)
We’re trying to upgrade from to and we are getting a strange issue with some unit tests. We are using nunit on visual studio. We are running the tests from the test explorer (make sure the “Nunit 2 Test Adapter” extension is installed.)
In the dummy program debug the DoTest test and put a breakpoint on line 17 of class1 in the FakeUnitTests program.
In 9.3 the currentdirectory is the directory in which the executable resides (during debugging in bin/debug)
in 10.0 the current directory is something like C:\Users\gerhe\AppData\Local\RemObjects Software\EBuild\Obj\FakeUnitTests-0F150142B706FDCD9410FDE2690D897C51813B89\Debug\Echoes
This is causing issues with some unit tests that need to access some images that use Directory.GetFiles.