DA for Delphi Server problem -NexusData Base

I have created a DA server application connected to a Nexus Database server. It has been running successfully over many
iterations of DA server releases. In March I updated to the ‘1419’ release and my client application(s) saw no issues.

In early June I updated my DA server to the ‘1441’ release. I have re-compiled some of my client applications for the DA server and all was ok.
Just today I recompiled my DA server application and now I cannot EDIT-POST changes to the database. - DUPLICATES not allowed error message. As soon as I re-use the old server application - EDIT-POST are successful.

The DA nexus driver was also re-compiled and (re-)installed.

Nexus Server 4.5013

Please advise - or where else can I look?


can you show call-stack for DUPLICATES not allowed error message, pls?

I can send a small sample database and DA client and server app - just created with the wizard. -Still the same issue. In DEBUG mode the server
and the IDE event shows first exception at DoAdd( below
after that code goes to procedure TDAESQLCommand.SetParamValuesStd(Params1: TDAParamCollection;
Params2: TParams);
PS=I do elementary debugging so I would need guidance in regards to CALL STACK. Thank you

procedure TDictionary<TKey,TValue>.Add(const Key: TKey; const Value: TValue);
index, hc: Integer;
if Count >= FGrowThreshold then

hc := Hash(Key);
index := GetBucketIndex(Key, hc);
if index >= 0 then
raise EListError.CreateRes(@SGenericDuplicateItem);

DoAdd(hc, not index, Key, Value); //*****

Additional note - Inserting a new record is ‘ok’ - applying updates back to server is when then error occurs.

can you send a simple testcase to support@, pls?
from 1st sight, two parameters with the same name were added.

try to replace code in procedure TDAESQLCommand.RecreateCachedParams(aParams: TParams); like

    fCachedParams.Add(aParams[i].Name, i);


    fCachedParams.AddOrSetValue(aParams[i].Name, i);

that modification was successful on my tests case.
I will test it on my actual application in a test environment
thank you!

Thanks, logged as bugs://82862

bugs://82862 got closed with status fixed.