DA - Delphi 11 - Firedac - Cannot Update Tables On A New Service

Just ran into this. Should have seen it a long time ago, but just got to the testing of data phase.

What we are seeing is that on a new custom server that we built using Firedac, we are able to update tables on an older schema, but not on our newer schema. Each are different services. Can pull data just fine on new service but any insert, update, or delete gives us an error. Still works with older schema service on same server.

We have been trying to determine what is going on for the past two days without success. Has to be something simple that is not checked. It has to be something with the auto created sql statements.

What would create this type of error and where should we look to correct?



Can you share your .daSchema and .daConnection, pls?

you can select TDASchema/TDAConnectionManager on server datamodule and use Save To Disk item from popup menu.

you can drop it to support@ for keeping privacy.

of course, sensitive information like login/password/servername can be replaced with *


Thank you so much for taking a look at the schema. Sorry, I forgot to include the connections files.

But I have solved the problem by recreating the schema from scratch this morning. Evidently, there were problems with the prior schema that was created. Also, I found primary fields that were not created correctly in the schema.

This certainly increased my knowledge of the schema process and properties of the data service, the schema, and individual fields, and the statements section.

So the time lost that was caused by the problem was regained by a better understanding of each component area.

Thank you so much for your help.
Bill Brittain

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