DA - Delphi - How To Build A Schema Programmatically

How would you build a schema programmatically without using the schema builder.?

We have begun finding now that we are actually using our DA servers for building out our application code that the server schemas are not pulling datatypes correctly ( marking decimal fields as currency, etc ) and autoincrement fields set to log changes which causes errors on the entry processes.

Being that we have hundreds of tables and we have custom schemas that are one offs sometimes for specific companies, I would like to know if we can just build the schemas ourselves without the restricitons of the .net schema builder.

The custom builds pose a particular problem because the companies themselves are adding new tables and/or new fields that we do not ourselves handle. So, I would like to build a way to self-correct the schemas on the servers.

Bill Brittain

Schema Modeler essentially is just a fancy GUI for the TDASchema component and thje classes that make up its properties (or the .NET equivalent), so you can do everything Schema Modeler does “by hand” in code, by just creating a TDASchema instance and populating it’s fields. My colleague will be able to help you with more specific/concrete questions about the APIs specifically for Delphi, tomorrow.


check example at Is possible to generate Schema from the command-line/automated? - #7 by vovanl .