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in the DASchemaModeler I need to automatically manage the fields name in PascalCase (I’m working with a db oracle) instead of having their names all capitalized

For this operation I have to modify and recompile the UniDAC dad driver. I tried to compile without modified but when I use it in DASchemaModeler raise some exception. Example when I open the list of fields of a table ecc ecc

I recompiled the DAD driver with last version of Delphi (10.3.3) and last version of UniDAC (8.1.2).

Are there any particular prerequisites for recompiling a DAD driver?

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there shouldn’t be any issues with it.
one requirement - use unicode version of Delphi.

What exactly errors were shown?

Hi EvgenyK

yes I use last version of Delphi (RIO 10.3.3).

Thi is the connection string;

When I open a Table

This is the result

With original driver this is the result:

I only recompiled the original DAD driver without any modification

In debug after call the procedure Oracle_DoGetTableFields of the unit uDAOracleInterfaces raise an access violation



I can reproduce issue with UniDAC 8.1.2 and Delphi 10.3.3.
Will investigate.
something could be changed in 10.3.3

for DAUniDACDrv.dad, we use UniDAC v6.4.16 (21-Nov-16) and XE8 compiler.

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Many thanks EvgenyK.

I don’t have Delphi XE8 installed but I have XE7, Berlin and Tokyo. While waiting for your feedback, I try one of these and let you know

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Hi EvgenyK.

I tried with Delphi 10.2.3 whit last version of DA and UniDAC and work fine. So the problems are in Delphi Rio 10.3.x

Best Regards

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Thanks, logged as bugs://83608

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