DA schema builder crash


(marcantheunis) #1

crash when opening schema builder

(antonk) #2

This means that one of the DB drivers crashed. Does this error happen when you open the Schema Builder from a Start menu or when you open some particular Schema in it?

Also which exactly Data Abstract version have you installed?

(marcantheunis) #3

i had it when i right clicked and selected open schema…
only happened once so far…

(RemObjects) #4

Thanks, logged as bugs://81587

(EvgenyK) #7

can you check, that you haven’t outdated .dad near DASM?
i.e. all .dad should have 2018-11-28 date

(marcantheunis) #8

(EvgenyK) #9

hmm, can you detect was exactly .dad causes problems on your pc?
you can move all .dad into another folder and copy back by one file until it was failed.

(marcantheunis) #10

well in the schema there are 2 connections, one is ADO and the other which is default is SDAC…
but like said, only happened once… so far…

(EvgenyK) #11

DASM loads all .dad so one of them can be broken …

(marcantheunis) #12

ok i’ll eliminate all but the ado/sdac