DA schema builder


it would be handy if i just could alter the Log Changes checkbox in the Fields overview…
now i have to select every individual field to uncheck Log Changes…

i still suffer from a ‘connection’ error launching the schema builder, using SDAC …
i found that having the unit open in which the sdac component resides helps but does not garantuee the fact that the connection is alive in the schema builder
closing and restarting does help but not always
it seems really random …

Logged as bugs://D19449.


unit in Delphi IDE has no influence to Schema Modeler because Schema Modeler uses pre-compiled DASDACDrv.dad for SDAC connection

well like said, that was the impression…

so what is the problem than? connecting to sql using sdac?


nobody except you have reported about such issues with Schema Modeler and DAD drivers.

as a workaround, try to add ADO connection and use it for designer purposes.

in runtime, you can replace this ADO connection with SDAC one so your server-side will use SDAC.

i must be imagining things then


I don’t say this but it will be hardly possible to reproduce this issue locally :frowning:

bugs://D19449 was closed as fixed.