DA Schema Modeler Issue

(jptechon) #1

I updated the RO/DA ( from to
delphi 2010

I hit a problem Schema Modeler. Even the connection information is correct. It also cant show the database scheme information.

My Connection String is ADO?AuxDriver=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Server=.\AUTOSC;Database=AutoDB_JUDO;UserID=user;Password=user123;

It seems only ADO driver not working. Others is working.
You can see the picture the db explorer is empty and cant get any meta.
As the old all is ADO setting. Please advise

(jptechon) #2

I checked other post find that adding "Schemas=1; " it works.

But another problem still exists. As now it adding the owner to the table name.

take example before is UM_TBL now changed to dbo.UM_TBL .

all existing table name is fail on schema exlporer for meta update need recreate.

anyway to maintain the old standard without the dbo. ?


(EvgenyK) #3

you can save your schema as .daSchema file, open it with any text editor and replace <TargetTable> with <TargetTable>dbo.. after this, you can load updated schema and it should be updated w/o any problems.

better to do this in Delphi IDE

(jptechon) #4

I follow your method it can update the target table but the changes wont save to the dfm only on the .daSchema file. How can I make the changes apply to the form TDASchema?


(EvgenyK) #5

have you loaded .daSchema back to TDASchema ?

(jptechon) #6

O, I just open the daSchema file in the explorer. I should load from schema file on the schema component.

But I used another way with same logic which is “replace the dfm content by TargetTable = ’ to TargetTable = 'dbo.”

It works now. Thanks