DA/SM error for PSQL

I just upgraded to the latest beta of DA.NET on my server since you’ve made some fixes for Pervasive.SQL. I added a few stored procs to my database and needed to access those through DA, so I went to add them via Schema Modeler, and ended up with this error. what do I need to properly config??



This error means that DASM cannot load the Pervasive.SQL ADO.NET driver version 4.4 (this is the version installed by the latest currently available Pervasive build v14).

So you need to change the required version back to the one you have already installed.
Please send your old DataAbstract.daConfig file to support@ and I’ll provide you updated one.

Or you can check the version you have by running this command:

gacutil -l Pervasive.Data.SqlClient

and then by providing correct version in the DataAbstract.daConfig file (the one that is located next to the DASM executable at ...\RemObjects Software\Data Abstract (Common)\Bin\DataAbstract.daConfig


thanks, resolved.