DA Wizard: Unknown driver SQLAnywhere.NET

As I wrote in other posts I have a ASA12 client software installed and connections work in schema modeler.
Today wanted to use it with the DA Wizard and was surprised by the error: “Unknown driver SQLAnywhere.NET” when using same connection string as in schema modeler.


don’t worry. adjust schema in Schema Modeller after wizard is finished.

It does not go further without a working connection.


you can use SQLite connection in wizard. it can be adjusted later in Schema Modeler

Yes, true. Thought of the wizard as quite helpfull adding all those items in clientdatamodule-

Nevertheless thanks!


still fiddling around with DA & SQLAnywhere.NET.

Being forced to setup a new schema with a different driver it’s a tedious and error prone process to go through all items in a schema and adapt them to the different connection.

Why does Schema Wizard not work with it: “Unknown driver SQLAnywhere.NET” ?
Connection Manager has no problem with it.


Do you mean DA Wizard in VS or Schema Wizard inside Schema Modeler?

I only work with Delphi: Data Abstract Wizard, New Schema Wizard


have you changed anything in C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Data Abstract (Common)\Bin ?

if yes, you should reflect changes to C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Data Abstract for Delphi\Bin\Templates.
DAD New wizard is located here

Havn’t changed anythere there. Why would why?


.NET drivers don’t work with Delphi.
You should use Delphi driver like FireDAC driver for ASA

That is strange, I can use the .NET driver with Connection Manager, build a new schema, (manually), add it to a DA server, compile and run the server. But it’s a tedious and error prone process.


Delphi and .NET based drives are incompatible.
Of course, you can generate .daSchema and .daConnection in Schema Modeler and load it to TDASchema component in design-time, but it won’t work in run-time.

Sorry then for wasting your time, my bad :frowning:

Edit: Connection Manager and Schema Wizard are at core .NET applications, right?


Schema Modeler and New Project Wizard are native .NET applications created with Data Abstract for .NET