DALINQ Where not found

Your instructions show this example:

var result = from c in dataAdapter.GetTable()
where c.Name == “ALFKI”
select new { c.Id, c.Name, c.Phone };

When I try to use this syntax in my application…

var user = from c in module.DataAdapter.GetTable<dbo_BrechbuhlerUser>() where c.Name = “bill” select c;

… I receive the error message below:

Could not find an implementation of the query pattern for source type ‘RemoteTable<dbo_BrechbuhlerUser>’. ‘Where’ not found.

Xamarin, .NET Standard 2.0, Visual Studio 2019.


I guess this is a build-time error?

Please double-check that System.Linq is present in the using list.

Compiler uses methods from this namespace to turn the LINQ query into a set of chained static method calls (that is how the LINQ query represented in the compiled assembly).

var user = from c in dataSource where c.Name = “bill”  select c;

into a list of chained method calls


I added System.Linq to one file and missed the other. Thanks!

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I completed the sample project that I was working on to present to the other developers in my group. It sounds like they’re interested in it but they need to get the project to a specific point over the next couple of weeks before they can really start to evaluate it.

Thank you for all the help.