Data Abstract with Delphi 11.2 on Windows 11 ARM (Mac / Parallels)


for testing a MacBook Pro M1 I installed a Parallels VM with Windows 11 ARM and Delphi 11.2.
Data Abstract Server Version installed fine just without Griijy / OpenSSL (no OpenSSL/32 available and /64 is very experimental).

2nd edit My bad: Does not install at all. Just read the log, full of compile errors. Yeah, I was naive.

Will it ever install in Windows 11 ARM?

Nevertheless happy Xmas!



Can you share log file, pls?
you can drop it to support@ for keeping privacy

Oh wow, working on christmas too ? Thanks for your time.

Haven’t seen any private data in the logs, it’s a installation in a fresh VM.

all the best
Michael (27.7 KB)


pls apply this workaround:

update RemObjects_Server_Synapse_Reg.pas as

    UnlistPublishedProperty(TROSynapseSuperTcpServer, 'UseIPv6');
  {$ENDIF} //added

and relaunch Install_DA.cmd (or Install_RO.cmd) with admin rights

Looks like that did it. Compiled Demo Business Rules and it worked!

Will do more testing and then try to get my Schema with SQLAnywhere.NET up and running.

Great! Many thanks! Really appreciate it!

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