Dataabstract crash when using reportbuilder designer

installed the latest stable RODA and when i’m designing i get the above AV… reproducable sort of…


can you specify bds.exe as a host app for DA_Core package and launch it in debug mode, pls?
can you provide a call-stack for this AV, pls?

i’m afraid i don’t have enough info to do this…
how do i specify bds as host app for da_core and how do i launch it in debug mode?


Note: you may need to uncheck DA_Core package in Components->Install packages... dialog otherwise you can get error at rebuilding this package
Note2: you should have write rights for DA\Source and DA\Dcu folders

  • Launch package as usual app (or press F9)
  • in 2nd IDE select your project and use report builder generator

Note3: you may need to specify use debug dcu in project options of DA_Core if call-stack is shown wrongly

Is there a Report Builder thingy I can use in a WASM, Oxygene AP?