DataAbstract - Delphi 11.2 - Custom Server - How do you add a new brand service and schema to existing server?

I have a custom Delphi DataAbstract Server built originally several years ago.

How do I add a new service to the server with a new schema and then default to that new schema?

This should be too easy. I feel kinda dumb that I cannot find this anywhere on the Delphi 11.2 Enterprise screen.

Thanks ahead of time.
Bill Brittain


Looks like you have RODL-based service.

  • Click Tools->Remoting SDK & Data Abstract->Edit Service Library:

  • In Service Builder add a new service and set DataAbstractService as ancestor.

  • Close Service Builder

  • Build project, a new _Impl unit will be created

  • Dbl-click on Schema component: Service Modeller will be started. You can set up schema here