DataAbstract for cocoa with Mac silicone

Hi All,
is the new version of the DataAbstract support Xcode to compile the app for M1? I will consider to renew if the new version support Mac Silicon M1…


Yes, latest DA/Cocoa should support Apple Silicon.

Hi mh,
that means I can combine compile and debug on M1 machine? and deployment for both Intel and M1 right ? cause my version have error, as I had been few years subscribed user, I want to make sure it works before renew.


What errors did you get? Older builds of DA would have shipped without thew arm64 slice in the binaries (of course).

it works now thanks!
by the way, another question, is the DA support Virtual studio for Mac for .net developing ?

We have no plans to integrate with what essentially is MonoDevelop, no. The API is a mess and unstable, and hardly anybody uses it. That said, there’;s really not much IDE integration needed for DA anyways, and the comps;onents should of course be usable fine from VS/Mac.