Date Problem


I am looking for a solution withe a Date “Problem”. If in a field is no Date Lazarus shows the Date 30.12.1899.
I know that this is the Default for no date. In Delphi it was empty.
Is there a solution to “fix” the no Date Value in Relativity?


Hi, what version of Delphi are you referring to, and what control (Datetime picker?) In my Delphi stuff the a date of zero would show as 30/12/1899



Hi Bob
I am using Lazarus 1.64 and using a TDBDatePicker.

OK. In the Delphi applications I developed, there was always the problem that the TDateTimePicker control displayed 30/12/1899 if the underlying datetime value was zero. Fiddling with the DateTime.Text value could partially resolve the problem, but gave issues of its own.

There were other issues as well, to the extent that I abandoned the datetimepicker as a way of showing/editing a date/time. I ended up using an edit field (to display the “datetime”) linked with a calendar/time control for the user to edit the data. Messy, but the only way I could get a result that looked good from a UI point of view, and was functionally robust.

I’m a newbie to Oxygene Elements, and just starting to look at the components, so I’ll see if the same issue arises!

Anyone else like to comment?