DateTime formatting in locals

If I have this code

var value := RemObjects.Elements.RTL.DateTime.UtcNow;

In a mac toffee app the locals window is like this
Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 6.33.24 PM
In a mac island app its like this

In the toffee app you cant inspect it but it does nicely display the value along side

ie {2021-08-01 22:33:21}

Would it be possible for the island debugger to do that ? I dont want to have to expand the object all the time.


Logged as bugs://E25264.

This one also looks fine for me:

(I tested pure Island/Darwin; not ToffeeV2. basically I used your testcase form the other bug report and changed the Mode…)

This also looks good with the latest

bugs://E25264 was closed as cannot reproduce.